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Android Pay U.K. launch ‘imminent’ as one retailer adds support

by Killian Bell | May 13, 2016May 13, 2016 5:03 am PST

Android Pay’s launch in the U.K. is said to be “imminent” after one retailer already rolled out support for the mobile payments service. Fast food chain Pret A Manger has been adding Android Pay signs to its payment terminals, despite official confirmation from Google.

Google told us back in March that Android Pay would be available in the U.K. within months, but it didn’t provide a specific launch date — and we’ve heard nothing since.

But employees in one Pret A Manger store told The Telegraph that “We now accept Android Pay” tags arrived overnight, and were displayed on NFC-compatible terminals this morning. Android Pay signs have also been spotted on Transport for London tubes and buses.

Of course, until Android Pay rolls out to smartphones in the U.K., it’s impossible to test if these payment terminals really are ready to support Google’s service. But it would appear that the launch will happen any moment now.

Google will have likely provided similar tags to other retailers throughout the U.K. in preparation for its launch, but it’s likely others will have been told when to put them out. Maybe Pret A Manger — or this particular store, at least — didn’t get that message.

Google has previously stated that Android Pay will support MasterCard and Visa cards in the U.K. from a number of leading banks and credit card companies, including HSBC, Lloyds, First Direct, Halifax, and Nationwide.

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