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The first PS Vita game to sell a million copies in Japan? Minecraft, owned by Microsoft

by Joey Davidson | May 12, 2016May 12, 2016 10:00 am PST

The PlayStation Vita has always been a wonderful piece of hardware. However, a complicated collection of problems like pricing, memory cards, first party support and the stance of the gaming market have pushed the handheld into a less than successful position.

Take, for instance, software sales in its home country of Japan. This is a nation that previously adored the PSP, buying up the hardware by the millions. The PS Vita? Its software isn’t performing quite as well.

It’s huge news, then, that the first game game to sell more than one million copies on the PS Vita in Japan is Minecraft. This is a western-developed game owned by Microsoft that’s outperforming a host of more Japanese-centric software.

Of the more than one million copies sold, 763k of them have been retail versions instead of digital.

It would be simply incredible if Microsoft’s Minecraft was the game to push Sony’s PS Vita to incredible heights in Japan. I don’t own the game on the portable yet, but this sort of has me considering taking a dip.


Joey Davidson

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