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Google’s Project Tango may get a mainstream push at I/O conference next week

Project Tango was born a little over two years ago in a Google research lab. Now the company is gearing up to give the indoor mapping technology a big push starting next week at its I/O developers conference.

Google is set to unveil new updates to Project Tango, including improved software that lets it run on a bigger range of mobile devices, Bloomberg said. Google is also reportedly working on an online sharing feature, which would allow it to eventually stitch together one giant 3D map of every indoor space on earth. Google’s ultimate goal is to make Project Tango as ubiquitous as Google Maps, according to one anonymous insider.

Project Tango uses a combination of cameras and depth sensors to create an interactive 3D map of any indoor space. The information can be displayed on a smartphone or tablet, opening the door for various augmented reality applications. Gaming is a big one, but Tango could also be used to help guide you through a museum or to locate a specific item at a big grocery store.

Google already has four Tango-focused sessions scheduled for I/O 2016, compared to just one in 2015. The technology could also take center stage during the keynote presentation on Wednesday, May 18.

We’ll be going all out on I/O coverage, so check back next week for all the news on Project Tango and anything else Google might announce.


Jacob Kleinman

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