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Google’s amazing Gboard keyboard will come to Android

by Brandon Russell | May 12, 2016May 12, 2016 2:30 pm PST

Early today, Google released a fantastic keyboard for iOS called Gboard, providing users with an easy way to search right inside the app. As the video announcement demonstrates below, its main functionality is to eliminate the frustrating rodeo users go through when bouncing between apps; no more Google searching, copying the link, jumping back into messages, and then pasting the results.

Unfortunately, the app is exclusive to iOS right now, leaving a lot of Android fans feeling hung out to dry. But don’t expect that to last forever, as Google is working on “the best way to bring the same functionality to Android,” according to Bri Connelly, via Product Hunt, who works on Product at Google.

I’ve been seeing a few stages of grief from Android fans so far this morning: Amazement and then envy. We can all agree Gboard has terrific features and is probably the best keyboard on the market. But in the eyes of Android users, it’s a damn shame iOS is the first platform to get all the fun.

We hope  Google comes up with a quick solution and updates Google Keyboard for Android with similar functionality; it doesn’t seem like adding a search button would be all that difficult, but what do I know? For now, Android users can enjoy the features that hit Google Keyboard a few weeks ago, such as one-handed mode… and, uh, quicker access to emoji. (Really, I’m just trying to make Android users feel better about not having Gboard.)


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