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Bloodborne is a steal at $19.99 on Amazon right now

by Joey Davidson | May 11, 2016May 11, 2016 2:30 pm PST

Now’s my chance to finally play Bloodborne. I’ve loved everything printed and published related to From Software’s one-off exclusive for the PlayStation 4. Before Uncharted 4, I’ve even heard it argued that Bloodborne is the best PlayStation exclusive of the generation.

I’ve just never had the time or the extra scratch to check it out. Enter Amazon. Bloodborne is now selling for $19.99 through the massive online retailer. It normally sells for $34.99, so this discount is a nice one.

We reviewed Bloodborne here at TechnoBuffalo, and we dug it. I think I’ll add this thing to my cart right now. As for when I’ll have time to play it? That’s a question for future Joey to answer.

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Joey Davidson

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