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Battlefield 1 is now the most liked trailer on YouTube, stark contrast to Call of Duty

by Ron Duwell | May 11, 2016May 11, 2016 10:40 am PST

While the real-world financial success doesn’t always reflect these findings, the YouTube crowd clearly has a favorite in this latest fight between Battlefield and Call of Duty. 

Shortly after it went live, the Battlefield 1 trailer, which takes the series back to World War 1, became the most liked trailer on the site with over 1.3 million positive reactions after 25 million views. The Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare reveal trailer, which has been live for about a week, has only 300,000 positive likes after 17 million views.

As of writing, the Battlefield 1 trailer has 1,302,000 million positive reactions to 22,000 negative ones, as compared to Call of Duty’s 306,000 positive reactions and 1,703,000 negative reactions.

Again, these figures do not reflect the real world success of both series, but a ratio that large is bound to carry over into some gaming circles. In defense of Call of Duty, the series has a much higher rate of success when launching, so we’ll see which towers above the other when first impressions on server status come pouring in.

This fight hasn’t even started.


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