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Microsoft is bringing Edge browser extensions to mobile

Microsoft Lumia 950-17

Microsoft finally brought browser extensions to Edge in a Windows 10 preview back in March, and they’ll be rolling out to all very soon. Now the company has confirmed that we can look forward to Edge extensions on mobile, too.

When talking about Edge extensions at its Build 2015 conference last year, Microsoft said it wouldn’t be possible to bring them to mobile due to the limited resources available in smaller devices. It would just lead to a bad experience, the company insisted.

But according to Microsoft’s latest Windows 10 roadmap, that decision has been reversed.

It’s unclear how long we’ll have to wait for extensions to come to mobile; Microsoft doesn’t provide us with any details for the update. We’ve waited almost a year for them to come to the desktop, but hopefully it won’t take that long once the groundwork is in place.

With Edge extensions, users can add things like ad blockers, the OneNote Web Clipper, Microsoft Translate, and more to their browser to increase its functionality. Extensions will be available to download from the Windows Store, and the catalog will grow over time.

Third-party browsers like Google Chrome have supported extensions for years, so it’s important for Microsoft to do the same with Edge if it really wants it to compete. It will also be hoping that the move can convince the millions of Internet Explorer users to finally upgrade.

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