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Kojima drops hints for his first game apart from Konami, “the genre is action”

by Joey Davidson | May 10, 2016May 10, 2016 12:12 pm PST


Hideo Kojima is definitely working on his next game in earnest. The first for his newly formed Kojima Productions is being published in partnership with Sony Interactive Entertainment.

Speaking with Famitsu, the weekly Japanese gaming magazine, Kojima was asked directly about this next game. Without revealing too much, the developer explained a little bit of what fans and gamers can expect.

Here’s the translated segment as per the fine folks at Siliconera.

“It’s an amazing game. Along with the plot, characters, and game system, I’m brainstorming everything equally. Some parts are very new, so I’ll need to experiment with it…I won’t say that it’s an open-world title, but those that enjoy playing today’s AAA titles such as The Division and Uncharted will be able to play it smoothly. When it gets announced some may thing that it’s not as way-out as they had expected, but I’m sure they’ll understand once they play it. The genre is action.”

It’s like a AAA title, it will feel familiar to The Division and Uncharted, it’s an action game, it potentially features some open-world-like features and Kojima is trying some new stuff.

It might be a while before we see or hear about this game in a more official capacity, and I imagine we’re a long ways off from actually playing it. We’ll have more on whatever Kojima is working on as it comes.

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