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Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Remaster launches on Steam this week

Another week, another confirmed release date for a Final Fantasy game on Steam. Oh, it’s not Final Fantasy XV, not just yet at any rate. This time, Square Enix is giving one of its most popular games a grand PC debut, and tagging alongside it is its sequel.

Just remember, the next time you complain about Final Fantasy XV’s all male cast, Final Fantasy X-2 can now be played on a PC.

Final Fantasy X|X2 HD Remaster will be released on Steam this Thursday, May 12. The release contains all of the same upgrades found in the PlayStation 4 version, and this one takes it a step further with the “Game Boosters” that are found in other Final Fantasy PC releases. These include options for a zero-percent enemy encounter rate and a level booster for those bosses who are just too hard.

These PC versions also include both the Japanese and English language tracks, giving you not one but two ways to suffer through this abomination.

Obligatory reminder: Just because something is created with the intention of being awkward and stupid doesn’t give it an excuse for being awkward and stupid. Luckily, Final Fantasy X is a brilliant video game for the remaining 99 percent of its play time, and it will be available on Thursday through the PC.

You can pick up Final Fantasy X-2 as well if you really want to.

Ron Duwell

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