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Disney Infinity being shut down

by Sean P. Aune | May 10, 2016May 10, 2016 1:48 pm PST

Disney announced its second quarter earnings on Tuesday afternoon and with that came the announcement that the Disney Infinity franchise is no more.

Amongst the earning report was some major news about the future of video games at Disney. The House of Mouse has apparently decided to stop publishing console games and most notably it is bringing Disney Infinity to an end. Instead, the company will rely on licensing character and story portfolio to developers to create future gaming titles.

Items affecting comparability during the quarter ended April 2, 2016 included a $147 million charge in connection with the discontinuation of our self-published console games business, principally Infinity (Infinity Charge).

The official Disney Interactive blog confirmed the news, but did state that you will still see three new characters from Alice Through the Looking Glass later this month, and a Finding Dory Play Set in June.

Mobile games such as the popular Disney Tsum Tsum were unaffected by the announcement, but the door has apparently closed on Disney self-publishing its own titles on consoles. Of course this doesn’t mean Disney and its associated games will completely disappear from your consoles as they will still license titles out to other publishers.

Sean P. Aune

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