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DICE wants to avoid Battlefield 4’s problems with Battlefield 1

by Eric Frederiksen | May 10, 2016May 10, 2016 6:00 am PST

Battlefield 4 had some trouble at launch. Since then, DICE has had a pair of solid releases in Battlefield: Hardline and Star Wars Battlefront. That is to say, the games worked at launch. Whether you liked them or not is up to you. Despite all that battling, though, Battlefield 4’s release is still fresh in the minds of gamers, and developer DICE knows it.

“We’re pushing an open beta to ensure stability. We’ve taken a lot of our learnings from that experience and we feel like we succeeded with Battlefront. We’ll take everything we learned there and apply it to Battlefield 1 as well,” said lead designer Dan Berlin in an interview with GamesBeat.

Despite the thin ice DICE is on, they’ve had some victories, which should put them in a place to launch this game without a hitch. But then, Battlefield is so huge that I’m not sure even Battlefront can prepare them. The game is heading to World War 1 for the first time, and we’re hopeful that it’ll revitalize the series. We’ll find out the answer to both of these questions when the game releases on October 21 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


Eric Frederiksen

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