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Video: New DOOM running on GTX 1080, hits 200fps!

by Joey Davidson | May 9, 2016May 9, 2016 3:20 pm PST

Over the weekend, Nvidia revealed new entries in the GTX graphics card line. The cards are cheaper than the Titan X, while also more powerful.

id Software made it to Nvidia’s event, and they showed off the soon to be released DOOM with the GTX 1080. Running on that card, the game was able to reach up to 200fps, a blazing fast speed that PC gamers should be drooling over with the Vulcan API.

In the video above, captured at the show by PC Gamer, you’ll notice the FPS counter in the top right corner. It’s locked at 60fps for the first bit of the demo, and then they uncap the framerate. The game immediately jumps up to 150, 160 and even 190fps. During the most hectic moments of combat with explosions and enemies, the framerate never drops below 100fps.

These new cards look nuts, folks. I picked up my GTX 970 less than six months ago, and I think I’ll be swinging for the 1080 soon. The price and power are ridiculous.

Joey Davidson

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