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Rediscover Studio Ghibli classics with the help of VR through Rift, Vive

VR company Red Panda has released three new demos through the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive that will allow anime fans to relive their childhood fantasies. Studio Ghibli nerds who have always wanted to wait besides Totoro for the Catbus in the rain now have a chance to do so in virtual reality.

Originally, Red Panda looked to recreate scenes from the popular Cowboy Bebop anime, however, it has instead shifted attention to original ideas and these Studio Ghibli projects. Alongside the My Neighbor Totoro bus stop scene, Designer Nick Pittom has released his own recreations of the boiler room from Spirited Away and the open meadows of Howl’s Moving Castle.

No, you can’t fly through the air on broomsticks, gaze at any creepy head-clicking forest spirits, or explore the insides of an Ohm corpse just yet. But who knows? Maybe Pittom has more projects up his sleeves.

And if these projects are not Ghibli, hey… can’t argue with Cowboy Bebop, right? You can find the download links on Red Panda’s official website.

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