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Moto X4 leak reveals fingerprint scanner, fresh design and more

A couple of leaked press renders of the new Moto X were published on Monday, offering our best look yet at the upcoming flagship phone. The device, potentially called the Moto X4, appears to pack a totally fresh design along with some exciting new features in the pictures, published by NoWhereelse.

The Moto X4 sports a large rear camera and two rows of mysterious circles near the bottom that look like they could be used to attach and power accessories. There’s a small square home button in front, which we assume doubles as a fingerprint reader.

Motorola apparently ditched its familiar design for a metallic slab in silver or gold. It’s a sleek look, but it may not stand out in a sea of similar smartphones. These Moto X4 renders may also reveal a possible release date. The phone’s display reads Friday, August 24, suggesting the new phone could launch later this summer. The new Moto G is still expected to debut at an event this month, but it looks like we’ll have to wait a bit longer for its flagship sibling.

Finally, NoWhereElse includes a third render of what could be the latest DROID device. The phone offers a similar design to the Moto X4 with some extra Verizon branding, suggesting the carrier could simply slap some of its software on the new handset and relaunch it later this year.


Jacob Kleinman

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