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Acer president teases new gaming smartphone for 2016

by Killian Bell | May 9, 2016May 9, 2016 4:01 am PST

Acer Liquid Jade Z Smartphone

If you use your smartphone for gaming more than anything else, you might want to keep an eye on Acer this year. According to a new report, the company is gearing up to deliver a new smartphone that’s focused on delivering a great gaming experience.

Citing ST Liew, president of Acer’s Smart Product Business Group, Chinese outlet Commercial Times reports that the new handset will debut during the fourth quarter of 2016, priced between $499 and $599.

Acer is said to be hard at work on the device already, and is currently exploring ways to improve things like heat dissipation and battery life. The company is also developing new software that’s optimized for mobile gaming.

It’s unclear whether Acer’s new handset will simply be an incredibly powerful smartphone, or whether it will have special gaming features, such as physical controls. Liew didn’t provide more information, so we’ll have to wait until Acer tells us more.

Liew did reveal that Acer plans to launch a total of five smartphones in 2016, including the new gaming device, one of which will cost as little as $200. Acer also expects wearable shipments to reach up to 600,000 units this year, but there’s no word on any new ones just yet.


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