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Man builds tiny Jurassic Park set for his pet tortoise

by Brandon Russell | May 8, 2016May 8, 2016 9:00 am PST

“Hold on to your butts.”

Not satisfied with a normal glass enclosure, YouTube user Oliver Turpin created a miniature Jurassic Park set fit for a T-Rex. But since dinosaurs are extinct, the main attraction isn’t a ferocious carnivore, but a lazy tortoise that bides its time by munching on blades of grass. The leopard tortoise, named Louie, seems pretty content to be fenced in like some prehistoric predator.

“It has grazing areas with seeds planted to grow as the weather gets better, a pool for [Louie] to drink/swim about in, visitors center and the Jurassic Park gates,” Turpin explained.

Sounds like a vacation to me. According to Turpin, the enclosure will be extended quite a bit in the future, so Louie will have much more space to wow onlookers. Enclosure or not, hopefully Turpin heeds the sagely advice of Dr. Ian Malcolm: “Life breaks free.”

But not Louie. He just wants to eat grass.

Brandon Russell

Brandon Russell likes to rollerblade while listening to ACDC.