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Screenshot Saturday – Is Mario taking a much deserved vacation from E3 this year?

by Ron Duwell | May 7, 2016May 7, 2016 7:00 am PST

If we to exclude Super Mario Maker from the equation, which is almost more of a social phenomenon than a video game, then it has been nearly three years since we last saw the plumber in an original title. Super Mario 3D World launched on Nov. 22, 2013, and since then, we’ve seen absolutely no sightings of the plumber on another of his exciting, platforming adventures.

I remember back when Super Mario Galaxy 2 launched, thinking that not enough time had passed for the first Super Mario Galaxy to sink in yet and that Nintendo had been selling out its development length, trying to keep up with the rapidly changing world. There once was a time when a new Mario game was a revolution in and of itself, not “just another sequel.”

Little did I know that Super Mario Galaxy 2 would emerge as a superior video game in nearly every sense.

However, there is no defined timeline on how long it should take before we play another original Mario game. Here we are, three years removed, and I already miss the guy. Knowing that E3 2016 will feature nothing but Link and The Legend of Zelda has my heart throbbing all over the place for Nintendo’s “other” franchise, but the huge hole in my heart can be blamed on the fact that we might not be seeing anything from our tubby childhood hero for another year or two.

No doubt, the folks at Nintendo are hard at work plugging away as another Mario game to highlight the NX as we speak. What do we think the company is going to do here? Will the next Super Mario game feature multiplayer again? Will it be in 3D or 2D? Will it follow an established formula like the Galaxy or 3D games, or will Nintendo rewrite the rules all over again.

More importantly, what do you want to see from a new Mario game. There doesn’t seem to be that many directions the Big N can take the series, but then again, this is Nintendo we’re talking about here. If it’s band of geniuses can’t evolve Mario properly, then nobody can.

And for the record, I like Super Mario 3D Land a whole lot better than Super Mario 3D World. Can we say “HD Version?”

Ron Duwell

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