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The Overwatch beta you’re playing now has the same content as the full game

by Joey Davidson | May 7, 2016May 7, 2016 12:00 pm PST

If you’ve been playing Overwatch these last few days, you might have been wondering exactly how representative of the final product this beta is. I fall in that camp, too.

The Overwatch open beta that we’ve all been playing is the same game that will launch on its official release date, though it will arrive with bug fixes. The word comes from Jeff Kaplan, Game Director, on the forums.

Here’s his response to a fan asking about the beta in full.

Yes. The version you are playing now is what will go live at launch (there will be some bug fixes etc…). We also have Competitive Play, which was a feature that was live in Closed Beta. We removed it from Open Beta because we received a ton of great feedback on how to improve the system. We had a tough choice. It would have been awesome to have the feature in for Open Beta and Launch. But we felt like we could really improve on some things so we opted to have the feature come out shortly after launch. We’re hoping that our efforts in the Closed Beta to try to get things done quickly and at high quality aren’t lost on our community — but we also never want to sacrifice the quality of the game by putting something live that isn’t up to our standards.

We’re also working on a TON of post-launch features and content. It’s going to be a pretty amazing summer…

The beta has been absolutely fantastic so far. It’s free and available now on the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Will your progress during the beta phase carry over to the full release? Here’s Blizzard: “No. All progression including skins, rewards, levels, and stats gained during the Open Beta will be reset at launch. This includes any progression gained during the early access portion, as well.”

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