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Ghostbusters reboot sets record for most disliked trailer on YouTube

by Danny Zepeda | May 7, 2016May 7, 2016 8:00 am PST

Hate is a really strong word, but it seems to be the only way to describe how fans feel about the new Ghostbusters movie. Case in point: The reboot’s first trailer has claimed the title for most disliked trailer on YouTube.

The trailer, within a few hours, received over 656,000 thumbs down, it has a 3-to-1 ratio of dislikes to likes. That doesn’t necessarily come as breaking news. Following the trailer’s launch, the movie received negativity for everything from racism to misogyny. Whether the movie will end up a hit is yet to be determined (although it probably will), but the early fan backlash is not the best way start to the movie’s marketing blitz. Keep in mind, though, the dislikes are from over 30 million views, so it’s not all bad.

You can judge the trailer for yourself down below.

Ghostbusters is in theaters July 15, 2016.

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