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Galaxy S8 concept dreams big for Samsung’s 2017 flagship phone

by Jacob Kleinman | May 7, 2016May 7, 2016 10:30 am PST

The Galaxy S7 is an awesome new smartphone, but it’s also a relatively minor upgrade from last year’s Galaxy S6. It’s still way too soon to know anything about next year’s Galaxy S8, but a new concept design from artist Steel Drake has an exciting take on what could be coming down the pipeline in 2017.

Visually this Galaxy S8 concept design is absolutely stunning. Samsung’s flexible¬†OLED is in full effect and the entire metal frame is curved as well, giving the device a look that’s somehow natural and futuristic at the same time. The bottom and top bezels are also impressively thin, leaving just enough space for a logo and a front-facing camera.

The concept also adds a built-in projector, which appears to be crammed into the rear-facing flash module. We’re not sure that’s actually possible, but it’s pretty awesome to imagine. The fingerprint scanner¬†appears to have moved to the back of the device, possibly due to a lack of space in front.

Finally, the designer decided to ditch the charging port for the Galaxy S8. Instead, the device relies on wireless charging entirely. That includes a standard charging plate and a futuristic “charge translator” that releases electricity into the air so your phone can power up without touching anything. Again, this sounds more like sci-fi than reality, but it’s still fun to imagine it could be real.

Jacob Kleinman

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