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New Android One devices coming as Google loosens restrictions

by Jacob Kleinman | May 7, 2016May 7, 2016 5:00 pm PST

Google I:O 2014 Android Figure

Android One may have had a rocky start, but it looks like Google is willing to learn from its mistakes. The company says a new batch of budget-friendly stock Android phones are on the way, and Google is taking a more hands-off approach this time around.

“For the initial devices that we had launched, we had put certain yardsticks in order to stand up the software, which is why you saw commonality between the specifications,”Google’s head of business development for Chrome and Android partnerships Mike Hayes told The Economic Times of India.

Hayes added that individual phone makers are now allowed to pick their own hardware for everything from screen size to processor. Each company will also be able to dictate pricing for its Android One devices.

Moving forward, Google plans to focus on the software side of Android One. That should mean new devices will have an easier time upgrading to each new version of Android. This is apparently a big issue with early Android One phones.

Android One may have also run into trouble early on because Google focused on partnering with smaller local phone makers, rather than global giants like LG and Samsung. Hayes didn’t mention a partnership with any major new companies, but it’s definitely possible now that Google is loosening up the rules for its Android One program.


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