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Fans are destroying Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare’s trailer on YouTube

You’d think another Call of Duty game would be reason to celebrate for the fanbase to celebrate, but after this week’s Infinite War reveal, even the faithful are lashing out against the franchise in the only way they know how…

YouTube dislikes.

As of writing, the launch trailer has over 178,000 positive votes compared to the 312,000 negative votes it has gathered after 7 million views. A fan campaign on social media is pushing for more, and Reddit has posted an interesting image which shows how this latest video falls way under ratio for positive to negative views.

Call of Duty likes

The main issue with Infinite War seems to be the overly prevalent focus on science fiction, which is no doubt Activision’s reaction to the financial success of the sci-fi heavy Black Ops sub-franchise. Fans complain that the series now looks like too many other typical sci-fi shooters on the market and not enough like the gritty realistic warfare that kicked off the series resurgence.

Fans are also lashing out, rightfully in my eyes, at the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare remaster and how it can only be picked up through the expensive $80 Legacy, $100 Legacy Pro or $120 Digital Deluxe editions. Activision has confirmed that the game won’t be sold separately.

No doubt, it does not want the popular remaster to cannibalize the sales figures of its annual marquis release. However, as the backlash continues to pile up, expect some rethinking with that decision.


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