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Star Fox Zero absolutely torched by Honest Trailers

by Joey Davidson | May 4, 2016May 4, 2016 4:40 pm PST

Wozers, talk about destroyed. The Honest Trailers team went to work on Star Fox, Nintendo and Star Fox Zero.

Their complaints are, well, mostly on point. I loved the game, though. Sure, the controls can be downright obnoxious, but the meat and potatoes of the Star Fox experience within are exactly what I wanted.

Not these guys, though. They hate on the nostalgia, and then they absolutely rip apart the controls, tedious nature of submissions and kiting boss battles.

I didn’t exactly enjoy the chicken walker stuff, but I felt the game’s nostalgia and mission design were fun. I also dug that Nintendo finally got back to their roots with a franchise that’s essentially been wayward for 20 years. This game was fun, in spite of its controls.

Do you find yourself lining up with my thoughts, or do you think Star Fox Zero is as disappointing as these guys make it out to be?

Joey Davidson

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