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iMessage on Android? PieMessage finds a clever solution

by Jacob Kleinman | May 4, 2016May 4, 2016 10:30 am PST

If Apple’s ultimate goal is to keep you in its ecosystem forever, then iMessage is one of its most powerful weapons. The simple messaging app makes ditching your iPhone for Android way more difficult than it should be, but one developer may have come up with a genius new solution.

PieMessage promises to bring iMessage capabilities to your Android phone, but there’s a catch. You need a computer running OS X to act as a server, intercepting each message and then passing it along. That means you’ll have to set up a Mac so it’s powered on and connected to the internet at all times for PieMessage to work.

A quick video demo shows PieMessage in action. It appears to work very well for one-on-one chats but still has some issues with group conversations. The developer, Eric Chee, told 9to5Mac that his program can receive group message but has trouble responding to them.

PieMessage also uses a custom API that’s open to other developers. That means the same capabilities could be added into other Android apps, making it possible send iMessages from any messaging service. It could even work on the web or a rival platform like Windows.

PieMessage is currently a work in progress. It recently landed on GitHub, where the adventurous can try it out and help tinker with the software. There’s no official schedule for bringing the app to Google Play but, assuming Apple doesn’t find a way to kill the project, it should eventually get an official launch.

Jacob Kleinman

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