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Facebook gave 10-year-old $10,000 after he discovered Instagram vulnerability

by Brandon Russell | May 4, 2016May 4, 2016 11:00 am PST


At just 10 years old, Jani (full name not revealed) is too young to join Facebook, which requires users to be at least 13. However, that didn’t stop the intrepid youngster from receiving a bug bounty from the social network after uncovering a vulnerability within Instagram, a photo-sharing service owned by Facebook.

He still can’t join the over 1 billion users currently using the platform, but he’s now $10,000 richer.

According to Finnish publication Iltalehti, Jani discovered a way to alter code on Instagram’s servers, giving him the ability to force delete written content ranging from comments to text included with photos.

“I would have been able to eliminate anyone, even Justin Beiber,” Jani told Iltalehti, sounding a bit like a hitman.

The boy apparently sent the discovery over to Facebook through email, and then confirmed the vulnerability to engineers using a test account. But don’t worry, Forbes says the hole was plugged back in February, which means your precious @ comments remain intact.

At 10 years old, Jani is currently the youngest budding techie to receive a reward from Facebook, ousting a 13-year-old who found a bug in 2013.

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