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iPhone crowned “most influential gadget of all time” by TIME

TIME Magazine came out with a list of history’s 50 most influential gadgets on Tuesday and it’s a pretty fun read. Apple grabbed the top spot for the iPhone, which helped pave the way for the current app era and made smartphones mainstream.

“It fundamentally changed our relationship to computing and information,” the magazine argued, “a change likely to have repercussions for decades to come.”

Apple also claimed a few other spots on TIME’s list of various devices. The Macintosh came in third for its graphical user interface. The iPod was ranked ninth for perfecting the MP3 player, while the iPad came in 25th place. Finally, the iBook showed up at 38th for being the first Wi-Fi laptop and offering a cool design.

Android doesn’t get much love from TIME’s list. However, the 2009 Motorola DROID does show up in 20th place for pushing Android into the spotlight in 2009 as Apple’s biggest smartphone competition.

Google Glass last came in dead last. That might actually be a little generous for the headset, which never even got a consumer launch. Still, Google did help predict the rise of augmented reality gadgets like Microsoft’s HoloLens, and that’s definitely worth something.

For a fun tour through the history of electronic gadgets, check out the full list via the source link.


Jacob Kleinman

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