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Designer Apple Watch bands from Coach leak out early

New Apple Watch bands from luxury fashion brand Coach have been leaked ahead of their official debut. One image suggests at least nine leather straps will be available initially in a range of different colors, and they’re expected to cost at least $150 each.

“A sales associate at a Coach boutique informed me Friday that Coach will be releasing Apple Watch bands as early as June and sent me photos of some of the bands,” reports David Boglin de Bautista of Haute Écriture.

Boglin de Bautista adds that there will be nine new bands to choose from in white, black, saddle, red, and more. Some will be plain, but others will have details, like flowers, sewn into them. Prices will start at $150, but more elaborate options will cost more — and while some will be available in June, others won’t go on sale until this fall.

“Coach may still announce the bands this June, though, as many brands announce collections during fashion week months before they become available in stores,” Boglin de Bautista adds. “The sale associate who first sent me photos said they aren’t of very good quality because they were taken with an iPad.”

$150 seems pretty affordable for a luxury band for Apple Watch when you consider the Hermès options, which Apple officially launched in early April, start at a whopping $340. It’s likely more designers will be throwing their straps into the mix soon.

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