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Hubble Telescope spots hidden galaxy in Pisces Constellation

by Joey Davidson | May 2, 2016May 2, 2016 12:29 pm PST

UGC 477

The Hubble Telescope has found a rare hidden galaxy spinning away over 110 million light years beyond the Pisces constellation. It’s labelled UGC (Uppsala General Catalogue) 477, and it is what’s considered a low surface brightness galaxy.

According to a report by The Statesman, these low surface brightness (LSB) galaxies are essentially more thinly distributed galaxies than what we’ve come to expect from the likes of the Milky Way and Andromeda, our nearest neighbor. LSB galaxies have less stars (especially in their center) and they’re theoretically dominated by dark matter.

The Stateman indicates that this dark matter presence is part of why galaxies like the recently discovered UGC 477 are important for study.

LSB galaxies were first theorized by Mike Disney in 1976, and they weren’t officially confirmed until the discovery of Malin 1 in 1986.

The Statesman

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