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Captain America: Civil War—Here’s how Marvel Studios gets Spider-Man so right

by Brandon Russell | May 2, 2016May 2, 2016 3:30 pm PST

Considering how badly Sony bungled Spider-Man’s previous two movies, seeing the character appear in the MCU is a welcome sight for fans. Not only are people unanimously heaping praise on Tom Holland’s portrayal, but he already feels like an important part of the group. So how did the Russo brothers, directors of Captain America: Civil War, get the character so right?

The two directors sat down with IGN to discuss Spider-Man’s involvement in Civil War, and explained that the stars aligned when the character was confirmed to appear in the MCU.

For one thing, Tom Holland, who is just 20 years old, is closer in age to Spider-Man (he first gets his powers at 15), making his portrayal more believable and relatable. Tobey Maguire was 27 when he played the character in 2002, while Andrew Garfield was 29 when he took over the role in The Amazing Spider-Man.

Another big thing that makes Holland’s portrayal such a success is the simple fact that he’s able to interact with other characters in the MCU, making him a part of something much larger. In the previous Spider-Man films, he felt contained and separate from everything else in the Marvel Universe, and while that isolation wasn’t in and of itself what led to the character’s downfall, it certainly played a part.

Now that the character is part of the MCU, one thing that’ll become apparent in Civil War and continue on through Spider-Man: Homecoming is his relationship with Tony Stark, who apparently recruits the young hero to be on Team Iron Man.

“I think that this mentor relationship that Tony has developed with Peter Parker is probably one of the more interesting things that the universe has moving forward,” explained Joe Russo.

Captain America: Civil War has already been released overseas, which means fans have already seen how this relationship begins. Folks in the U.S., however, will need to wait until May 6 to see the character make his much-anticipated MCU debut.

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