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Apple Watch hacked to run Windows 95


Windows 95 just will not die. Having already made its way to the Nintendo 3DS, Android Wear devices, and your web browser, Microsoft’s 20-year-old operating system has now popped up on the Apple Watch.

It make no sense whatsoever to pair the two, since Windows 95 is a terrible smartwatch platform, and the Apple Watch is too small to be a desktop computer. But there’s no doubt that it is an impressive feat.

With its 520MHz processor and 512MB of RAM, the Apple Watch packs plenty of power for Windows 95. In fact, according to Nick Lee, who carried out this hack, the processor is around 20 times faster than the average desktop CPU in the mid-nineties.

“As a result, I was feeling confident that the Apple Watch had the ability to run one of the most revered desktop operating systems Redmond has ever produced,” Lee writes on his blog. And he was right!

The big challenge behind this hack — like many others that involve Apple devices — is running unofficial software on the Apple Watch. And although there’s plenty of power, the fact that Windows 95 is emulated makes it slow (it takes about an hour to boot up).

If none of this puts you off and you’d like to try it out for yourself, you’ll find instructions in Lee’s blog post by following the source link below. You will also find many of the files you need on GitHub, though some aren’t re-distributable, so you’ll have to source them.

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