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This is the Police tests whether you can manage the heat

by Mike White | April 29, 2016April 29, 2016 3:00 pm PST

One of the more interesting indie titles I wanted to see at PAX East this year was This is the Police from Weappy Studio. The developer reached their Kickstarter goal in February of last year and followed up by getting Greenlit on Steam in October.

What’s funny is that we didn’t get our hands on the actual game while we were at the show. The few computers they had set up were consistently occupied, which is a great sign for Weappy. We were happy to talk through the game and peek over a few shoulders to see what’s in store.

The game places you in the shoes of the grizzled Chief of Police Jack Boyd, long time veteran of the Freeburg Police. After the mayor forces Jack into early retirement, he makes a bold decision. You (as Jack) are left with 180 days on the force, and decide you’re going to make an extra $500,000 as a reward for your years of service before that time is up.

Being the Chief is tough work. There’s plenty to do as you manage the daily affairs of the Freeburg Police Department. Investigations are ongoing. New crimes are being committed. The press are constantly questioning you.

You’re given multiple options for how to handle any given situation, but each choice comes with the risk of sending you down a path that will lead to your plans for a comfortable retirement falling apart. I love the interplay between morality choices, management, and an evolving storyline.

On one end of the spectrum, you have the choice to play it safe and honest, the way Jack’s always been. Your odds of coming up with the half million dollars are pretty low. On the other end, you can become as corrupt as the rest of the city, but risk drawing the attention of the wrong kinds of people.

There’s room for multiple playthroughs just to see what directions you can take Jack in and hopefully still come out on top.

Luckily we won’t have to wait long to find out. This is the Police will be out on PC and Steam this summer.

Mike White

Mike is a life long lover of PC gaming. His parents never believed in buying consoles for their kids because it was "too much like the arcade."...