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Bucky is no match for Black Panther in new Captain America: Civil War clip

by Brandon Russell | April 29, 2016April 29, 2016 10:00 am PST

Over the past few months, all of the attention has been on Spider-Man and his big debut in Captain America: Civil War. But don’t forget that another big character, Black Panther, is making his debut in the film—and judging by this new clip, he’s going to be awesome.

Played by Chadwick Boseman, Black Panther is the alter ego of T’Challa, the king of fictional African nation Wakanda. In Civil War, he’s mostly been depicted to be on the side of Iron Man, but Boseman has previously said that Black Panther has his own agenda, so he falls somewhere in the middle.

The encounter looks like it might come at the tail end of the chase we’ve seen in the trailers. Apparently Black Panther believes Bucky is responsible for doing something very bad, which is why he’s so intent on clawing his face off. Again, I know Spider-Man is getting all the attention, but Black Panther looks just as cool.

Unfortunately, the clip ends just as the scene starts to get good—I suppose that’s the purpose of this clip, to keep audiences wanting more ahead of the movie’s release on May 6.

JoBlo (YouTube)

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