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Ben Affleck to have full creative control over upcoming Batman movie

by Brandon Russell | April 29, 2016April 29, 2016 11:45 am PST

Good news, Batman fans. Not only will Ben Affleck write, direct and star in the upcoming Batman movie, but he’ll apparently have full creative control over the project. Considering the actor has won Oscars for both directing and screenwriting, that bodes well for the future of the character which, behind Wonder Woman’s introduction, had the best moments in Batman v Superman.

Having creative control over a project is crucial because it means Affleck will have the opportunity to create his vision of the Dark Knight, who was hardened and a little psychotic by the time we met him in Batman v Superman. How much that interpretation will change by the time Affleck’s solo movie comes out is unclear; apparently a script has already been written.

Giving Affleck creative control also means Zack Snyder won’t be involved, at least in any major capacity. Snyder might provide input to ensure there’s continuity, but it’s unlikely he’ll have a huge role, especially considering the blowback he received following Batman v Superman’s release.

We’re still not sure where Affleck will take the character. Previous reports claimed Affleck’s inspiration might come from “A Death in the Family,” which might explain what happened to Robin before we see his suit pinned up inside Batman’s batcave.


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