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Wii U production to continue into 2018, confirms Nintendo

by Ron Duwell | April 28, 2016April 28, 2016 2:00 pm PST

Nintendo’s questionable 2016 decisions to bank on the mystery the NX and upcoming Legend of Zelda game might be a bit mind-boggling to some, but in the meantime, the Wii U will continue to chug along at the same pace it has chugged along at for another two years. Speaking with investors, as reported by Reuters, President and CEO Tatsumi Kimishima confirmed that the Wii U will wrap up production in March 2018.

According to the company’s financial reports, Nintendo still believes it has the ability to sell another 800,000 Wii U consoles this financial year, leading it right up into the March 2017 release of the NX console. Kimishima stated that it will not “simply replace the 3DS and Wii U,” despite the timing of the NX’s release and continuing rumors that it will be both a portable and home console hybrid

Last year, Nintendo managed to sell 3.2 million Wii U consoles around the world. Now that Star Fox Zero is out in the wild, and The Legend of Zelda has been confirmed for an NX release, what further reason is there to pick one up unless you’re just late to the party?

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