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Samsung Pay headed to 6 new countries this year

by Jacob Kleinman | April 28, 2016April 28, 2016 8:00 pm PST

Samsung Pay is a solid mobile payments app, but it’s still limited to just the U.S., China and South Korea. Thankfully, it looks like the company is gearing up for a big expansion starting later this year.

Samsung announced plans to bring the service to six more countries in 2016 during its developer conference on Wednesday, CNET reports. Australia, Brazil, Canada, Singapore, Spain and the U.K. will all get Samsung Pay within the year. The company has even bigger plans for the future, but it’s not listing any other countries just yet.

Additionally, Samsung Pay is adding a pretty cool feature in Korea. The app now works with ATMs, making it possible to grab some cash even if you left your debit card at home. For now this service is limited to just one bank, and the company didn’t say when it might expand to other banks or countries.

Beyond a few small improvements, Samsung Pay hasn’t really seen any major updates since it first launched last year. Now it sounds like the company could be gearing up for a big push as it continues to compete with similar services from Apple, Google and others.


Jacob Kleinman

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