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Robert Downey Jr. down to do Iron Man 4

by Brandon Russell | April 28, 2016April 28, 2016 11:40 am PST

After Iron Man 3 wrapped up, it seemed unlikely we’d get another movie extending the trilogy. However, with Robert Downey Jr. showing up in the MCU outside of his original contract—he’ll appear in Spider-Man: Homecoming—it appears the actor is interesting in continuing his role as billionaire playboy Tony Stark.

During a segment on ABC’s Nightline, Downey Jr. revealed he’d be interested in doing another Iron Man film (around the 4:00-minute mark), leaving speculation wide open for something beyond his current contract, which ends with Avengers: Infinity War. Because he was only contracted to show up in the third Avengers, he had to negotiate his appearances in Captain America: Civil War and Spider-Man: Homecoming. Now, will he negotiate a similar deal for Iron Man 4?

Since Downey Jr. is essentially the face of the MCU, it would be in Marvel’s best interest to keep a good thing going, rather than letting the character disappear for a while—or, worse, casting another actor to fill his shoes. Iron Man 3, which came out in 2013, performed the best out of the trilogy at the box office, so there’s still plenty of potential there. And because Marvel is so keen on crossing characters over into “solo” movies, Iron Man 4 could feature a lot of the characters fans know and love right now, or even use it as an opportunity to introduce new faces.

You’d think Downey Jr. would be burnt out on playing Tony Stark by now, but that doesn’t seem to be the case (I’m sure the mountains of money doesn’t hurt). Even after all these years, he seems to genuinely enjoy his time in the MCU, and it sounds like he’s ready for more. What better way to kick off the as-of-yet-announced Phase 4?

Brandon Russell

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