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Street Fighter V update adds Guile tomorrow just before April deadline

by Ron Duwell | April 27, 2016April 27, 2016 2:00 pm PST

Everyone’s favorite flat-top, chest thumping, army man will be joining Street Fighter V tomorrow. How or why Guile was not a character available at the launch has zero explanation, but an update confirmed by Capcom will finally add the legendary defensive character to the roster.

Wow, calling it a bit close there, huh? Capcom promised to have Guile up and ready before the end of April, and it has only two days to spare before that arrives. Capcom also took the opportunity to show off another of his moves: the Faultless Move allows the fighter to move towards his opponent while still keeping a Sonic Boom charge in his body.

Or, as Capcom humorously points out, it looks like he’s trying to sneak into work late.

Guile is the second character to be added to the list after the wrestler Alex, but we have no idea who will be next. Capcom teased a string of fighters back when the game first launched, but only two of them have been made official so far. Stay tuned for more on Street Fighter V.


Ron Duwell

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