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Rock Band 4 to get online multiplayer, an expansion, and more this year

by Eric Frederiksen | April 25, 2016April 25, 2016 4:00 pm PST

Harmonix has continually said that, while Rock Band 5 isn’t happening, Rock Band 4‘s release isn’t the end of the series. Since its release, they’ve been adding in some of the most requested features along with a few of their own additions, and that’s going to continue well into 2016 as they bring online multiplayer and a paid expansion to the table, the company said at PAX East this weekend.

Many fans were disappointed with the lack of online multiplayer at release, since it was there in Rock Band 3. Copy and paste, right? It sounds like it wasn’t quite that simple, though.

We’ll be implementing enhancements on the back end (think of it like our secret sauce) that’ll address issues for folks who don’t have the exact same DLC libraries and the like. Back in the Rock Band 3 era, it was sometimes (often) a nightmare to have one person pick every single song, or have that one jerk troll the band when trying to compromise on the next track to play. This secret sauce will help avoid some of the more difficult areas from the previous generation.

As for the expansion pack, Harmonix isn’t yet talking about what’ll be in there. I’d guess more costumes, a pack of songs, and that kind of stuff, but Harmonix also says we can expect features “that have never been in any previous Rock Band title.” That part we can only speculate on. The team says they’ll have more to say about all of this at E3 this year. Despite the trouble Rock Band 4 has had out of the gate, and the long wait on getting all of our old DLC available, the team is clearly still committed to the game and hard at work on making it better.

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