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Doom dev promises better PC features at launch, including uncapped framerate

by Eric Frederiksen | April 25, 2016April 25, 2016 12:00 pm PST

PC gamers are not thrilled with Doom following the recent multiplayer beta. Whether the game is fun or not, though, is moot here. What PC gamers are unhappy about is the game’s performance on what is generally considered to be its home platform. The framerate was capped, and certain expected features were missing. Bethesda has addressed the concerns in a post-mortem blog post on their official site discussing what they learned from the beta and what players can expect on release.

“At launch the PC framerate will not be capped,” wrote id CTO Robert Duffy. “Further, the PC version of Doom will expose a comprehensive set of advanced game and rendering options that will allow players to dial the experience up or down based on their individual desires or hardware capabilities.

“PC gaming is our DNA here at id,” Duffy continued. “We also love to tinker with settings to get the exact experience we want, and every ounce of performance our systems can handle.”

Duffy said that in addition to the uncapped framerate, things like ultra-wide monitors and configurable FOV settings will be supported. Duffy provided an incomplete but already extensive list of features he expects will be included:

  • Manually Lock Framerate (un-locked by default)
  • Lights Quality
  • Chromatic Aberration Toggle
  • Shading Quality
  • Post Process Quality
  • Particles Quality
  • Game F/X Quality
  • Decal Quality
  • Directional Occlusion
  • Reflections Quality
  • Depth of Field Toggle
  • Decal / Texture Filtering
  • Motion Blur Quality / Toggle
  • Sharpening Amount
  • Lens Flare Toggle
  • Lens Dirt Toggle
  • Texture Atlas Size
  • Show Performance Metrics
  • Resolution Scaling
  • UI Opacity
  • Film Grain
  • Rendering Mode
  • FOV Slider
  • Simple Reticle
  • Show First-person Hands Toggle
  • Use Compute Shaders
  • Vsync (support or triple buffering)

It’s hard to imagine what more a PC gamer could ask for, but we’ll know more when the game hits in just a few weeks. Doom is set to release on May 13, 2016 on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.


Eric Frederiksen

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