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Tesla Model 3 walkaround video gets us up close for the first time

by Brandon Russell | April 23, 2016April 23, 2016 5:00 pm PST

Following its bombastic debut in Los Angeles last month, excitement for the Model 3 may finally begin to die down, mainly because we still have a long time to wait until the first car is delivered. But if you can’t wait that long to see more, a new video posted to Motor Trend this week provides a quick walkaround of the upcoming EV.

While the first half of the video is pretty uneventful, Motor Trend does provide some great insight toward the end, noting how the Model 3 door handles work, why the nose is so short and more.

Unfortunately, we don’t get to look inside of the vehicle, which is reportedly going to get an overhaul before the Model 3 ships at the end of 2017. The ship date has become particularly polarizing among Tesla fans, especially now that upwards of 400,000 preorders have been placed. Can Tesla actually deliver? If history tells us anything, the answer to that is no.

Check out the video above for a full walkaround of the car. And for more on what the Tesla Model 3 has to offer, check out our recap video following the car’s announcement in March.

Brandon Russell

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