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The Division is better when you roleplay, as this hilarious video proves

by Eric Frederiksen | April 22, 2016April 22, 2016 6:30 pm PST

Despite some issues it’s had in the last couple weeks, The Division is a really fun game. It’s even more fun, apparently, if you roleplay. As you’ll see in the video above, YouTuber StoneMountain64 jumps into the game and responds to the game’s audio prompts and his randomly-selected partners in-character. He simultaneously enhances the game’s military aspects while adding some much-needed humor to the mix. Quick heads-up: the video above covers the last mission of the game, just in case you’re worried about spoilers.

StoneMountain64 has been doing this with games like Battlefield for some time, but this Division video is particularly good. Even while fitting right in with some of the voice acting in the game, he manages to point out how silly certain aspects of the game are. Whether it’s the suspect decision to leave crates of ammo right outside a stronghold, the amount of high-end gear a boss character drops, or how many shots a high level enemy can take to put down, he manages to find a funny way to pick at it.

It seems like he’s pretty good at the game, so his teammates never get annoyed with his antics, so maybe make sure you can hold your own before copying him, but this seems like an awesome way to get more out of games like these.

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