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Addicted to Facebook? Focusbook is here to help

We all probably spend a little too much time on Facebook, especially during they day when we’re supposed to be productive members of society. You could just block the site entirely, but now there’s another solution that’s not quite as drastic.

Focusbook is a clever new Chrome extension that bullies you into using Facebook less often. The new service has two simple tricks that should help curb your social media addiction.

When you first head to Facebook, the extension will demand a reason why. You can fill in the blank with something serious like, “Wishing happy birthday to friends” or type in a more jokey response. Either way, it should make you more aware of your habit.

If you stay on Facebook for a while, Focusbook will ask if you’ve accomplished your task and remind you to get back to work. Until you do, each subsequent reminder will cover more and more of the screen with a translucent blue filter.

Of course, Focusbook won’t automatically make you more productive. It’s easy to ignore, and the extension even includes what’s basically a snooze button you can hit repeatedly while you gorge on status updates and viral videos. But at the very least, it should make you a little more aware of your addiction, which might just be an important first step in cutting back on your social media use.

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Jacob Kleinman

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