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Tesla Model X rife with problems, owners report

by Jacob Kleinman | April 21, 2016April 21, 2016 2:30 pm PST

Tesla fans are known for their strong devotion to the electric car company, but its Model X SUV has some customers less than happy. Multiple owners are facing issues with the vehicle’s doors, windows, seats and more, according to The Wall Street Journal and Consumer Reports.

The issues appear to be caused by Tesla’s software, which controls everything in the semi-autonomous vehicles. Many owners say the falcon-wing doors won’t open or close, and that the built-in sensors aren’t working. Others reported issues with the car’s windows and the dashboard display freezing up. One Tesla customer said the emergency break would turn on for no reason, which sounds pretty scary.

In a comment to TechCrunch, Tesla admitted to some issues with early models but claimed the problems aren’t widespread. This could just be part of the risk of being an early adopter, but most people probably aren’t as forgiving of software glitches when it comes to a new $138,000 car.

Jacob Kleinman

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