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Did Natsume pick up localization rights to River City Ransom SP?

by Ron Duwell | April 21, 2016April 21, 2016 7:00 pm PST

I’ve been waiting for a solid localization company to sign up for River City Ransom SP, and it appears I have gotten my wish. Harvest Moon publisher Natsume has posted an overly blatant Twitter post that implies it will be bringing the Nintendo 3DS beat ’em up to English speaking shores.

River City Ransom SP is, of course, a re-imagining of the NES classic, the one where cartoonish thugs punch each other in the face and scream “BARF!” when they die. Okay, it’s a lot more than that, being one of the first beat ’em ups to introduce RPG elements and open-world exploration, but the childish death language is what we remember best about it.

This remake looks fantastic, a lot better than the Game Boy Advance attempt from a decade ago, and it will add new areas, fighting techniques, and boss battles to the fray.

We’re awaiting good news from Natsume, and hopefully, they don’t go back and change the original NES dialogue. In the meantime, between this and River City Ransom: Underground, I don’t think the world can handle any more of Kunio-kun and his friends.


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