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Metroid Prime: Federation Force’s release date, mark your calendars for a riot!

August 19, the revolution begins! Grab your pitchforks and your ice-beams! Thousands of disfranchised Nintendo fans are going to show that company who is boss. It’s not enough that the Big N cranks out quality titles at a consistent pace or is home to more beloved franchises than most of the other major publishers combined.

No, they had to tarnish the name of “Metroid” by creating a multiplayer game on the Nintendo 3DS. Gasp! 30+ years of pure joy aren’t enough to offset this backstabbing betrayal.

Pfft. Gimmie a break. I’m not saying that Metroid Prime: Federation Force is a guaranteed smash success, but it has more going for it than going against it. An excellent Nintendo platform, a development studio that has delivered pure gold with Nintendo’s IPs, and an experienced producer who’s had his input in plenty of Metroid games. It’s not the Metroid game we want, but it looks like a fun project to hold us over until the main show.

Hey, all of you gamers complaining about “artistic integrity” being compromised these days. Does that include bending to the will of knee-jerk protests on the Internet? That sound a lot like compromising to me, or is that issue only a one-way street when the mob doesn’t get their way?

Whatever. Metroid Prime: Federation Force launches on Aug. 19 for the Nintendo 3DS. Maybe we’ll have confirmation of a full-on console Metroid Prime before then.


Ron Duwell

Ron has been living it up in Japan for the last decade, and he has no intention of leaving this technical wonderland any time soon. When he's not...