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Android N preview launches for non-Nexus smartphone!

Earlier this month, Google hinted that the Android N developer preview could be headed to non-Nexus devices. Now the company is bringing the latest version of Android to one unexpected smartphone.

Sony announced this week that the Xperia Z3 is getting an Android N preview. The device, which launched back in 2014, is an odd choice for Google. It’s still better than nothing, though, and hopefully we’ll see even more smartphones gain access to Android N soon.

If you have an old Xperia Z3 lying around you can test out Android N using Sony’s Xperia Companion software. Just plug the device into a computer, hold down the ALT key and then click “Software repair.” From there, Sony will guide you through the process.

Android N includes some exciting new additions. It offers multi-window support for viewing two apps at once, improvements to Doze for saving even more battery life, and new ways to interact with incoming notifications. The latest preview also introduced a fresh take on emoji with a more human design, while also hinting at some upcoming virtual reality features.

Google’s expected to go into more detail at its I/O developers conference in May, and by then it’s possible the new software preview could be running on a wide range of Android devices.


Jacob Kleinman

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