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LeEco LeSee: The first autonomous electric car built by a phone company

by Jacob Kleinman | April 20, 2016April 20, 2016 2:20 pm PST

LeEco‘s new phones took center stage at the company’s big event on Wednesday, but the Chinese giant had a surprise for car fans as well. The LeSee is an exciting new autonomous electric vehicle, but it’s still just a concept for now.

The car has a unique futuristic look, and even sports a screen on the front exterior to display information as it drives by. On the inside, it features a disappearing steering wheel that folds up when autonomous driving is enabled. Each passenger seat is also isolated, so you can listen to music of watch a video without bothering the rest of the people in the car.

LeEco describes its electric vehicle as a “shared future mobility ecosystem,” suggesting it could be more like a self-driving taxi than a consumer-owned product. The design even includes a small light on top that could indicate when the LeSee is available to pick someone up.

The company also claims its car will be capable of hitting up to 130 miles per hour. However, the rest of the internal specs are still unknown, and there’s no promised launch date or even a hint of a price.

LeEco’s already invested in Faraday Future, which is working on a similar vehicle. The company also partnered with Aston Martin on a concept electric car called the Rapide S. Clearly LeEco is determined to compete with Tesla, Google and the rumored Apple car, even if that means creating a new vehicle on its own.


Jacob Kleinman

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