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World of Warcraft: Legions is coming in August

by Ron Duwell | April 19, 2016April 19, 2016 3:00 pm PST

World of Warcraft Legions

World of Warcraft is still chugging along and will hit its eighth major expansion before the summer is out. Blizzard has just announced that World of Warcraft: Legions will reach fans on Aug. 30, bringing in a whole new region to explore and naturally, an even higher level cap at level 110.

The new expansion takes place where the last one, Warlords of Draenor, left off with the Gul’dan invading Azeroth alongside the Burning Legion. Any player who pre-orders the $50 expansion will get a free level boost to level 100 for one character and a starting point on the new region, Mardum.

Activision Blizzard will also be offering plenty of other ways to pick up the game, including a $70 Digital Deluxe Edition that includes digital add-ons for World of Warcrafand Blizzard’s other games. A $90 Physical Collector’s Edition also includes the digital bonuses plus an art book, soundtrack, behind-the-scenes footage, and a mouse pad.

Sounds like quite an expansion. All the meanwhile, a group of fans are pushing for Blizzard to open up legacy servers that negate all of it, and the corporation is scratching its head asking “Why?”

I mean, don’t you guys want new stuff?


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