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Tencent going after Slack, launches Enterprise WeChat app

by Joey Davidson | April 19, 2016April 19, 2016 8:25 am PST


Tencent is enormous. Recent valuations have it as the largest internet company in Asia, beating out the colossal Alibaba as of late last year.

Tencent is focusing on mainland China with their latest app launch. The company recently released an app specifically for corporate users called Enterprise WeChat. It brings the social application a slew of corporate-focused features.

Think of WeChat like Line or WhatsApp. Only, it’s China’s biggest app. The application just surged┬ápast 700 million monthly active users, and its closest competition is QQ, which is also owned by Tencent.

Enterprise WeChat is sort of like Slack. It’s an employee-focused chat application for both mobile and desktop. It boasts a lot of the same features as Slack, though it includes some unique features that companies might like a lot. You can keep track of sick leave, for instance, and expenses that need to be reimbursed.

I know TechnoBuffalo could use something like that with our remote employees. We enjoy Slack currently, but WeChat does sound pretty fancy.


Joey Davidson

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