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Titanfall 2 teaser suggests Titans can wall run, too

by Joey Davidson | April 18, 2016April 18, 2016 8:41 am PST

Titanfall 2

In the world of Titanfall, Pilots are the agile human characters while Titans are the lumbering mechs called in from orbit.

In Titanfall 2, it’s possible that the mechs will be a bit more agile than they were last time. The official site for the game seemingly suggests that Titans will be able to join their Pilots for a little wall running magic.

The folks at WCCFtech appear of have highlighted the image that makes up the background of the game’s official site for consideration here. You can see the highlighted version and our screenshot of the page in its current form in the small gallery below.

Looks pretty convincing to me, and after seeing the highlighted version, I can absolutely see it on the standard site.

Either way, we’ll likely know when the reveal drops during EA’s inaugural pre-E3 event, EA Play, on June 12. We’ll have more on Titanfall 2 as it comes.


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